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New Arrivals

Released January 3rd 2015
Skating Angel
New Years Lampshade
Loving Lion King
Love My Puppy
He Loves Me
Cupid Lost His Arrow
Bee Sweet
Bearly Please Be Mine
Bearly Lovely
Arrow Through My Heart
Winter Fairy
Hipster Winter
Heart Girl Vintage
Heart Crusher
Girl Holding Heart
Cute Monsters in Love
Curvy Mermid
Winter Elves
Winter Ballerina
Magic Broom
Last Candle
Fox & Northern Lights
Pinky Swear
On My Honor
Live Long & Prosper
Tom Cat
Skateboard Fall
Retro Computer
Overflow Tub
Flat Tire
Kitty's Going Bye Bye
Flyin' Foxy
Two Friends
Set of Two Hearts
Heart Friends
Released December 6th 2014
Christmas Mailbox in Snow
Snowman with Ornament
Tangled Up Snowman
Santa and His Birdie
Bearly A Little Angel
5 Cent Stockings
Winter Spell
Water Element
Cat and Fairy
Weather Girl
South Pole
Snowman Melting
Handwashing Germs
Girl Scouts
Dog Trick
Raiding the Fridge
City Skyline
Christmas Tree
Bath Time
Granny Gertie Is Going Out
Granny Gertie in Her Undies
Winter Fun Set
Warm and Cozy Set
Punkin Pickup
Love Is Having Open Arms
Little Bird Told Me Set
Jingle Bells Set
It's the Simple Things
I Got Your Nose Accessories
I Got Your Nose - Bobbi Sue
Deck Out the Tree Set
Christmas Magic Set
A Flurry of Fun Set
A Cup Of Warmth
Released November 1st 2014
Sitting Fairy
Nature Fairy
Long Hair With Flowers
Fairy Girl With Mask
Windy Fairy
Fairy On A Stool
Christmas Zombie Head
Christmas Snowman
Gothic Christmas
Christmas Elf Dancer
Christmas Elf
Christmas Birds
Old World Santa Christmas & Holly Wreath
Large Holly Wreath With Bow
Toast To New Year
New Year Countdown
New Year Cheer
Best Of The Year
Short Resolutions
For Auld Lang Syne
Pete & Pat Penguins
Spring Head Christmas Helper
Reindeer Piggie
Lil Gal Angel Ornament
Cutie Pie Santa Helper
Wizard School
Winter Goddess
Thinking Of You
Take It Easy
Sunflower Mermaid
She Plays For The Waves
Cat In The Basket
Which List Snowman
Star Light Star Bright
Once Upon A Star Santa
Max The Red Nosed Reindeer
Maddie The Red Nosed Reindeer
Fat Round Snowman
Ho Ho Ho Snowmen
Hanging Stars
Downhill Slope Santa
Bashful Betty The Snowman
A Frosty Cup of Cocoa
Teacup Girl
Snow Friends
Released October 5th 2014
6165 Corn Candy Doll
6164 Witches Ball
Pretty Little Witch
 Mr. And Mrs. Steinz
Keep Calm
My Kitty Suit
Peeking Jacko
Miss Fancie Stein
Lil Pumpkin Feather
Lil Frankie
Halloween Treats
Halloween Puzzle Pieces
Costume Witch
Bite Me Miss Kitty
Halloween Pumpkin & Kitty
Hello There
Baby Cowgirl
Bird On A Bush
Dot Clown
Daisy Clown
Thank You Memories
Silent Scream
If Cats Could Talk
Beauty Comes From Within
Snowed In Penguin
Snowball Tree
Soccer Move
Soccer Goalie Set
Soccer Girl Set
Soccer Boy Set
Gone To Pot
Clean Up
Upside Down You Turn Me
The All American
Hows About A Hug
Hook Line and Sinker
Home Run Hitter
Cheer Your Heart Out
Bountiful Blessings
Batter Up
A Reel Good Day
Witch Hat House
Spooky House
Haunted House
Umbrella Girl
Pocket Girl
Ice Cream
Fall Basket
Cool Star
Boy With Net
Big Flowers
Released September 6th 2014
Winter Fox
Thanks A Bunch
Thank You Christ Like Actions
Paw Prints On The Heart
Live On In Heart
Always Near Sympathy
What Witch
Three Stooges
Three Pigs
Three Blind Mice
Savannah Gal
Raggedy El and Ellie
Prim Pumpkins
Mummy Kat
Humpty Lincoln
George And The Cherry
Dancing With The Stars
Bearly Ginger
Bearly An Indian Girl
Bearly An Angel
Bearly A Witch
Bearly A Surfer
Bearly A Sailor
Bearly A Princess
Bearly A Nurse
Rainbow Fairy
Owl Flight
Mermaid Queen
Mermaid Mother and Child
Mermaid Dreams
Dragon's Visit
Dragon Tamer
Dolphin Splash
Ace Of Cups
Tongue Tied
Seeing Stars
Secret Agent Set
Rooster and Baby Chicks
Jet Planes
Chicken Newscaster
Baby Planet
Moose and Birdy
Moose and a Bear
Hurt Bunny Sling
Hurt Bunny Crutches
Hurt Bunny
Zendala - Inspired Mandala
Half Moon Border Set
Released August 1st 2014
Sweater Kitty
Mustache Kitty
Kitty's Gift
Kitty Birthday Cake
Kitty and Kitten
Kitty and Fish Gift
Baby Shower Dino
Artsy Owl
Pretty Big Girl
Old Mer-Maid
Old Maid Bee
Old Maid Ballerina
Ladybug Gal
Bowl Top Gal
Bearly Teaching
Bearly On Base
Bearly On A Cloud
Bearly My Birthday
Bearly In School
Angel and the Birdy
Pussywillow Fairy
Fairy Wren Mermaid
Fairy Owl
School Girl
Pirate Weapons
Pirate Accessories
Notepad and Pencil
Male Explorer
Female Singer
Female Explorer
Cat and Kitten
ARRR! More Pirates
ARRR! Pirates
Warm Friendship
Together Forever
The Welcoming Committee
Riding The Rapids
Hello There Neighbor
Don't Repeat This
Bella Drinks The Profits
Another Door Opens Sally
Another Door Opens Noah
Round Flower
Jean Boy
Released July 6th 2014
Fred Thinking
Fred Birthday
Fred Miss You
Fred Whatever
Fred You're Kidding
Wide Eyed Susie
Bearly Raining
Prom Time
Fashion Fanny
Watch it Grow
Ladybug Daisy
Dizzy Gal
Buzzy Betty
Bee Fido Puppy
The Kiss
Night Orchard
Magical Ride
June's Rose
Forest Guardian
Forest Fairy
Cow Kite
Chicken Tiger
Chicken Paperboy
Cow Fisherman
Wormy Apple
Bird Feeder
Soccer Set
Bird Watcher
Flower Frame
Cool Kids
Boat Boy
Conga Bongos
Birds On A Wire
Summer Dragonfly
Blossom Bird
Released June 13th 2014
Day Dream Believ'n
Travel At Your Own Pace
Reckless Waves
Nimble Muscian's Of The Air
Maddie's Blue Hat
Handsome Max
Bearly Americana
Americana Beauty
Big Firecracker Hat
Bearly Spring
Spring Head Duck
Old Maid Americana
Americana Style
Americana Mammy Angel
Liberty Gal
Home Flower Pots
Flower Tips
Americana Angel
Spring Witch
Fairy Queen
Earth Keeper
Bunny With Tulips
Birthday Girl
Angel of Hope
Hungry Dog
Cow Run
Cool Kid
Lightbulb Set
Released May 3rd 2014
Twinkle Toes
Little Red
Summer Swing
Spring Heart
Mer Butterflies
Masked Fairy
Soccer Kick
Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball Game
Messy Kid's Bed
Dog Artist
Bird Branch
Wyatt's Charm
This Princess Wear's Cleats
The Game Is In The Player
Say Cheese Please
Sally's Bestie Noah
Joey's Got Spunk
Hold That Pose
Charlie's New Do
Annabelle and Theodore
Released April 6th 2014
Recycle Guy
Released April 5th 2014
Country Bunny
Easter Bonnet
Ladybug Tales
Sally and Bella Head To The Beach
Farmer Sally
May I Have This Dance
Easter Peeps
Happy Easter Peeps
Easter Tree
Spring Bouquet Cup
Dogwood Angel
English Riding Gear
Spa Ha Ha Ha Date
Well Helloooo!
Easter Hubby
Painting Springtime
Common Knowledge
Tweet Hearts
Flying High
Vintage Car

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